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Month: December 2019
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Using Stop Notices to Get Paid

Under Arizona’s Stop Notice statutes, a contractor may serve a notice on the owner and/or construction lender to let them know that a payment is still owed. The owner or construction lender must then withhold that amount from the next disbursement until the dispute...

Avoiding Litigation

Very few things can send a successful business into a tailspin more effectively than a lawsuit. Whether a construction business is forced to file a lawsuit or whether it is being sued, the litigation process will drain the company’s resources, including money,...

The Hidden Dangers of Joint Checks

Many construction contracts are written so that the owner will pay for labor and materials by way of joint checks. In the typical scenario, a contractor will submit a payment application itemizing work performed by various subcontractors during that month’s...

How to Deal with One-Sided Contracts

Signing a contract for a large job can be both exciting and intimidating. The prospect of working on a high-profile project conjures thoughts of increased visibility for your company and additional work resulting from a job well done. Unfortunately, on almost any...