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Defend Your Rights In The Workplace

If you believe that your workplace rights have been violated, you will not find the representation you need to protect yourself at work. Human resources at your office is only for the benefit of your employer, despite what they may say. Only an experienced attorney has what it takes to provide you with the comprehensive and fierce representation you need to get the best possible outcome in your case.

We at The Christensen Law Firm have years of experience in fighting for your rights. If you are afraid of negative consequences for protecting, know that you have what is known as “whistleblower rights”. If someone infringes on those rights as well, we can help you seek compensation for their actions.

Do Not Let Anyone Intimidate You Into Settling For Less

Workplace representatives may try to tell you that you do not need an attorney to settle things. They say this to protect their interests, not yours. We can represent your case if you have experienced issues such as:

You do not have to let your employer take advantage of you after a violation of your rights, and we want to be the ones to protect you.

Begin Building Your Defense Today

If you are ready to work with a compassionate attorney who can earn you the best possible compensation for the violation of your rights, contact us today. Call 1-480-582-1287 or email us here to schedule your initial compensation and open a dialogue to keep your workplace violation from happening again.