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Build Your Best Defense For Construction Legal Matters

Serving the construction community throughout Arizona, The Christensen Law Firm represents businesses of all types in protecting their property and contract rights in construction matters. Our extensive experience is just what you need to earn the best possible outcome in your case. Arizona law can make matters in construction especially complicated, so let us untangle the mess for you. We want to see you succeed in your case, and we know how to make the law work for you.

What Our Experience Offers You

With experienced and qualified construction law attorneys and lawyers on board, the firm handles cases involving:

  • Nonpayment
  • Nonperformance
  • Deficient performance
  • Terminations
  • Change orders
  • Breach of contract issues
  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Stop notices
  • Prompt-payment claims
  • Bond claims

We also handle licensing and registration issues before the Registrar of Contractors and Board of Technical Registration. If you’re looking for a construction law attorney in Gilbert, Arizona, just give us a call at 1-480-582-1287 to speak with an experienced construction law lawyer at our office.

The firm also provides the following services: reviewing contracts; drafting contracts; reviewing lien documents, including the Notice and Claim of Lien and Preliminary Twenty-Day Lien Notice; consulting on lien rights and stop notice rights; preparing bond claims and follow-up with sureties; representing businesses in mediations and arbitrations; and where necessary, litigation in both state and federal courts.

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

When you are looking for thorough representation in your construction law needs, make sure you choose someone who will take the time to understand what your needs are and will draft a custom-tailored defense for your needs. You do not have to saddle yourself with a lawyer who represents all of their clients in the same manner. You deserve respect and compassion in your representation, and we can give that to you.

Let Us Fight For You

Contacting a construction law attorney in Gilbert is not difficult at all. The lawyers and attorneys at The Christensen Law Firm are highly experienced in this area of law. When you call The Christensen Law Firm, you will speak with a tough construction law lawyer. We will hear your case in detail and will come up with a plan to get you the maximum possible compensation.

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Call 1-480-582-1287 to speak with an Arizona construction law lawyer. We serve all over Arizona, so whether you are in Gilbert, Phoenix or East Valley, Arizona, contact The Christensen Law Firm to schedule an appointment with attorney Rex A. Christensen.