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Your contract can protect against a construction defect claim

On Behalf of | May 31, 2022 | Construction Law |

Positive word of mouth is important for construction companies. Most clients will start their search by talking to people they know and trust rather than doing an online search. If you want paying clients and good jobs, you need to protect your company against claims that can damage its reputation.

Customers who are unhappy with the job that you did could try to bring a construction defect claim against your business when you simply fulfilled their request. How can you protect your business against spurious defect claims brought by dissatisfied clients?

Include all of the details in writing

One of the biggest issues in construction defect situations is miscommunication or inaccurate assumptions. You need to clarify everything, from the timeline and pricing to the materials you will use and how long construction professionals will be at the site every day.

By being clear about the details of the project in the written contract, you reduce the chance of a client making claims that you use the wrong materials or didn’t get the work done on time.

Include rules for delays, changes and disputes

From supply chain complications to a contractor suddenly quitting their job at your company, many issues could arise during the project that will force minor changes to your plans. Including a specific process by which you will negotiate changes, adjust your schedule and address disagreements can help keep these issues from escalating into litigation.

Drafting thorough and carefully planned contracts will make it easier for your construction company to avoid litigation or to win if a client brings a claim against the business.